Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Killer - Killing 3 and Injuring 2

27th January 2011, an employee of US Consulate in Lahore killed three people in Lahore. According to details, US national named Raymond David shot at 2 persons at Qartaba Chowk and hit another bike rider while driving rashly, in an attempt to to escape the scene. The motorcyclist Ubaidur Rehman was killed on the spot while other two injured

I must say, after drone attacks, this is another gift from the government of US; they are trying to test our patience. May Allah help us in differentiating between enemies and friends.

I don't understand, under such security situation where we had a blast in the city just couple of days back, why this official was wandering near Mozzang? Was he planning to eat fish and nehari or he must be visiting a grave in Miani sb.

According to a statement that he did that in self if we do it in self defence, we are terrorist.... but if an Amerian does this.... then its self defence.

By the way, who will be the first one to protect him? After all its a huge opportunity to please our masters.

May Allah help us.

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