Thursday, November 15, 2007

Going through your resignation notice

Most of us come to this stage during their career where they are serving the notice period. The notice period duration tends to vary starting from 0 days to 30 days (in some case it even exceeds 30 days). If you are serving a standard thirty day notice then it can be divided into two major parts.

a. One where you are handing over your tasks;
b. And second where you are looking forward to your new job

The first part can be very busy depending upon the responsibilities or projects that you have with you at time it means spending late hours in the office to hand over your duties and the second part… well it can be very irritating.

Because you have already assigned your tasks to someone else and now you have nothing to do. Higher management will not involve you in key decisions and projects; your initiative fuel tank is almost empty. This is the time where you realize how long a single day in the office can be. Here you cannot leave the office because the management wants you to be there as “some” important tasks may require your input. In some cases even the charming internet browsing does have the same zest.

If you are serving a notice period for a week or two then you will be very lucky to avoid the second part of the notice period.