Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why it only happens in Pakistan?

1. Immediately after suicide bombing, how quickly the identity of the person/party is established after the blast and most of the time some suspicious people are also captured from the site. But to-date, we haven't seen a public investigation report. Keeping the AZAD media in mind, its a surprise to me that no report is made public.

2. Nowadays multiple parties are claiming responsibility for a single event. So you get Threek e Taliban, Saphe Sahaba, Laskre Jhangvi, lashkarey Taiba etc... all in for a single event. Imagine all these organizations operating in such close coordination whereas our authorities are totally clueless.

3. When claiming the responsibility of an attack the offender actually mentions its division e.g. Threek e Taliban (Punjab)

On a personal level, I have seen enough rubbish from our beloved media. I still remember 10th Moharram Karachi incident and how the whole story was developed only to find out that It was not a suicide attack at all. Then there is the Benazir murder case, where I think our authorities did capture some telephonic conversation regarding the culprits but still no one is charged with the murder.

The moral of this story is, don’t believe ANYTHING the news channels in Pakistan tell you because none of their information is verified and they are there to sell ads and make money, they do not have the people’s interest at heart.

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